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Yoga is the practice of connecting the breath, mind and body, simply stated.

In a quick google search you can find that "yoga" literally translated is Sanskrit for "yoke" - to join, unite. Your mind, breath and body can work together beautifully, but are often working independently of each other. Calm waters come with the art of uniting the three. With practice of self awareness (breath, mind, body) this can come quite naturally and even automatically. We will work on breathing techniques throughout a relatively gentle yoga practice.

Having some basic flexibility promotes proficiency in all your day to day movement. Viniyoga's approach focuses on the importance of how a pose feels to you over how it looks in the mirror or how your neighbor in class may be executing it. As humans we have similarities. That being said, it is also true we have varying goals, physical conditions/experiences, and body types that have brought us to this moment that may require us to move differently than our neighbor. Viniyoga brings many adaptations to each practice allowing beginners and advance students alike to reap full benefit.

If you have any questions about our yoga classes, please let us know!

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